Monday, February 1, 2016

Steel road frame, fork and stem for a local

 This is for an old customer who has a bike from me that is almost 20 years old. He will replace it with this frame set and it will be built with Dura Ace 9000, my second such build in the last couple of weeks. I like working with the 9000 group-I think that it represents the nicest functioning bicycle components that I have used in my nearly 40 years in the bike business.
 The steel stem should be mega-stiff and the fork is matched to the head angle to give the bike really nice handling speed. I have always liked the look of the straight blade crowned fork.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

20" wheel disc brake CX frame

Yes, that's what this is. A small child will begin his racing career on this little blue steel monster.
 I built the frame using some True Temper BMX tubes and an assortment of steel that was too short for any other build. I have built a few kids bikes over the years but this one might be the best one yet.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Steel CX frame for S.F. with fork and stem painted to match

 This might not look like it but it is a really bright neon orange. I don't think that you'll miss this one when it rides by ! The frame is my favorite steel mix with an Enve disc brake CX fork. The frame is built for thru-axles front and rear and has the Solid BMX tapered head tube. This style of frame was just about all that I built the whole month of October.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Team aluminum CX frame for a Nor-Cal team rider

 There's a good chance that you'll see this frame if you go to any bay area races this fall. This is a disc brake model but not for thru-axle wheels. With the rider being barely over 100 lbs. there's no need for that kind of strength in the wheels.
 The team is sponsored by a number of companies and the King headset and Enve fork are a couple of the important components provided to this rider for the 2015 CX season.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Aluminum 29er with new XT group

 This single track special is built with Mavic Crossmax SL wheels , a Fox 100 mm fork and the newest XT group. The whole package weighs in at 24 lb. 6 oz. -Not bad for a pretty heavy duty frame.
 This rider has been riding full suspension for years but around here the single track is more fun without all the squish. There's only a few trails where it is really needed and the rest of the riding here is more about steering than suspension.

Friday, August 14, 2015

26" wheel MTB frame for Scotland

 This frame is mated to a steel fork that is 453 mm axle to crown. This is longer than a non-suspension corrected fork so I imagine the customer has an older shock fork that he might sub out on occasion. The frame and fork have fittings for 'Mud guards' as they say over there. Unlike here, there is wet weather in Scotland and plenty of times where the mud guards will be in use.
The build here is very traditional and rooted in the style that I adopted many years ago. The fork and the tubing is updated but the basic proportions and tub diameters are what I have been using since the early '90's. No reason to change something that works well.

Monday, July 27, 2015

A pair of interesting travel frames

 When I got the list of requests from this customer I thought " Hey, these will be a couple of unique builds for me" and that was definitely the case. The forks are Whiskey #9 disc-road that have been painted to match. The rear dropouts are Paragon "-Poly-drops" , something I have never worked with.
The customer also opted for a Ritchey breakaway seat lug and an S&S coupler on the down tube.
 The painter also had his hands full with the custom graphics but he did a stellar job on both frames and forks. The color-co-ordinated King bits don't hurt, either. Tapered steerers, thru-axles make these steel frames pretty modern in my estimation. I hope that they are as fun as they look out on the road.